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A book ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals.


  • We take you through the nuts and bolts of what it takes to create a smart and sustainable social media strategy that will help you build better relationships with your clients, and generate new leads to help you grow your business.
  • There is no ‘ easy button’ when it comes to creating a smart social media strategy. It isn’ t something you can outsource or automate; it’ s something that requires time, love, attention and a plan. I can tell you from working with hundreds of clients over the years that the payoff is incredible when you put in the work to make it happen.
  • Reading this book is the first step in your journey toward creating and maintaining a smart social media strategy for your business. I look forward to being on this journey with you!


Katie Lance is the Founder of Katie Lance Consulting. Katie specializes in working with companies to help develop their social media and content strategy. Her signature group social media program, the #GetSocialSmart Academy has received accolades from industry peers across the globe. Katie has consulted for companies such as RE/MAX International, DocuSign,, Mason McDuffie Mortgage and many others. Katie is also a frequent keynote speaker, a contributor to The Huffington Post and formerly was the Chief Strategist for Inman News.

Katie Lance

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Don’t Be Overwhelmed by Social Media
Chapter 2:  Nuts and Bolts – How to Start
Chapter 3:  How to Create a Content Strategy
Chapter 4:  How to Repurpose Content Across Multiple Platforms
Chapter 5:  How to Create an Awesome Headline
Chapter 6:  Honing Your Social Media Strategy
Chapter 7:  Social Media Time Management: How to Curate, Create and Promote Content
Chapter 8:  The Power of Recognizing People Publicly
Chapter 9:  How to Get More Traction with Your Blog
Chapter 10:  How to Create Your Ultimate Blogging Calendar
Chapter 11:  The Power of Visual Marketing with Instagram and Pinterest
Chapter 12:  Facebook Business Pages and Facebook Ads
Chapter 13:  How to Create a Smart Facebook Strategy on a Budget
Chapter 14:  The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners are Making onFacebook
Chapter 15:  How to Optimize Your Facebook Personal Profile

Chapter 16:  Twitter Tips and Strategies: #NoTweetLeftBehind
Chapter 17:  How to Maximize LinkedIn
Chapter 18:  Snapchat for Business
Chapter 19:  Live Video, Periscope, Facebook Live and More!
Chapter 20:  How to Figure Out Which Social Media Platforms to Be On
Chapter 21:  Social-Media Tools and Resources
Chapter 22:  How to Create a Social-Media Policy
Chapter 23:  What’s Next?


RE/MAX has had the fortunate opportunity to work with Katie over the years. As one of the most knowledgeable thought leaders in the space, she is a rock star when it comes to crafting social media implementation strategy for organizations large and small.

Mike Ryan

Executive Vice President, RE/MAX LLC

Katie inspires and makes learning easy. Her ability to break complex ideas down in easy to do tasks help real estate professionals realize a ROI on social media.

Amy Chorew

Vice President of Learning, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Katie Lance leads the way in real estate, empowering an entire industry to get connected through their social relationships.

Brad Inman

Founder and Publisher, Inman News

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